The Contemporary Art Market report 2018. Editorial by thierry Ehrmann, CEO and founder of Artprice

Fine Art auctions – painting, sculpture, drawing, photography, prints, installation & video


General synopsis. Contemporary art’s market performance

Stimulated by a sensational record of $110.5 million in May 2017, the Contemporary art Market has just ended a third consecutive semester of growth. The principal drivers of this growth are ever-stronger demand for works by the stars of Contemporary art and a proliferation of supply in a particularly favorable economic context.

Artists’ prices

Stunning annual turnover totals… dazzling price increases… Who are the most sought-after artists in the Contemporary Art Market, and how is international demand behaving?

Africa and its diasporas

From the construction of a market for African Contemporary art in France… to the explosion of African-American art in the United States: a brief look at the “African” wave sweeping across the entire Art Market.

In the news

Want Tea? She’s French, but has ‘emerged’ in England. Laure Prouvost already has a brilliant career with a superb CV: she studied at Central Saint Martins (cinema) and Goldsmiths College, received the Max Mara Award in 2011 followed by an exhibition at the Whitechapel Gallery, before winning the famous Turner Prize in 2013.

Top 100 Contemporary Artworks

Top 100 Contemporary Artworks Auction Performances (July 2017 – June 2018)

Top 500 Contemporary Artists

Top 500 Contemporary Artists by Auction Turnover




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