9 giant Vanitas measuring 11 ft high at The Abode of Chaos Headquarter Artprice

The last artistic installation that I created in situ for the Abode of Chaos in 1999 consisted of 9 giant Vanitas measuring 11 ft high.

 Each work has a alchemical seal, whose shape and material I designed, that creates a genuine path of initiation. This installation has 9 rules: 4 are accessible to lay people, 5 are kept secret.

The first rule is that none of the sculptures must be positioned in the same axis as another, with the reference point of the axis being the orientation of the eye sockets of the Vanitas.

The second rule states that each Vanitas must be located in a part of the Abode of Chaos where events of a rare emotional intensity have occurred.

The third rule is that they must be positioned and adjusted in accordance with the underground sources that run through the Domaine des Sources, otherwise known as the Abode of Chaos.

The fourth rule is that they must provide a progressive deconstruction of the path of the visitor of the thousands of works created over a 13-year period that have transformed the nature of the 9,000m² that constitute the Abode of Chaos’s territory, while also being symbols of initiation for a more internal voyage.

Five other rules are only known to insiders of the Abode of Chaos. The Vanitas are also a tribute to my teacher, Master Fulcanelli. I have registered an original hardware and software tool with the Programme Protection Agency that connects all 9 Vanitas to a digital and hertzien network to create a visible (or invisible) spectral field of the visitors to the Abode of Chaos.

These Vanitas also define the “infra-thin” of the Abode of Chaos… Headquarter Artprice

 thierry Ehrmann (2006)










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