Art Market : Teaser n°8 Annual Global Art Market Report 2014 ARTPRICE & ARTRON

Beijing: an important Chinese art auction market

As the political, economic and cultural centre, Beijing sets culture and technology innovation as two strategies and the local government positively promotes the ‘combination between culture and technology’, which leads the Beijing art market to be the largest art market in China. Meanwhile, Beijing has many culture creative zones, galleries, auction houses, museums and art institutions around. In addition, the Beijing art industry administration office also improves the Chinese art market’s structure actively, establishes the art industry fund, helps the development of art industry with grants, supports the development of small size, middle size and large size art companies. The Beijing government takes a series of measures to make Beijing a significant art market place in China.
On the primary art market, according to online statistics by Artron, Beijing tops the country in terms of the number of galleries, with 1,054 in total, including Beijing’s most famous art community – 798 Art Zone. 798 Art Zone has hundreds of galleries, including Bridge Gallery, the WHITEBOX Art Centre, Mountain Art Foundation+ Frank Lin Art Center, Ullens Center for Contemporary Art, and Pace Gallery. The expansion of 798 Art Zone also improves the development of the surrounding area, with for instance, CAOCHANGDI Arts, Black Bridge Arts Garden and JIUCHANG International Art Zone. Numerous galleries, plus comparatively lower living costs, attracted a large number of artists as well as graduates with art dreams, and even gave birth to the famous ‘Songzhuang Artists Village’. This also led to the establishment of the primary market in Beijing.


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Annual Global Art Market Report 2014 by Artprice & Artron will be online March 3, 2014


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