Art Market : Teaser n°6 Annual Global Art Market Report 2014 ARTPRICE & ARTRON


In 2014, several three-dimensional works attracted very serious bidding. But the big surprise was that a sculpture actually generated the year’s best auction result. Alberto Giacometti’s Le Chariot fetched $90 million ($100.9 million incl. fees) on 4 November at Sotheby’s New York. The piece is one of six copies of the work, four of which are already in museum collections. With this result, the Swiss artist was not far behind his personal auction record, but the sale largely contributed to his presence in the Top 10 of the general ranking of artists by auction turnover in 2014. His annual total amounted to $205 million from 147 works sold.

scupture price index

At the same New York sale, Sotheby’s also managed to generate $63 million for Amedeo Modigliani’s Tête (1911/12) giving the FrancoItalian artist the 5th best result of the year and contributing to his 18th place in the general ranking. Indeed, that prestige sale of Impressionist & Modern Art at Sotheby’s on 4 November generated a total of $370 million, a new record for the US auction house, but still only the third most lucrative sale of the year behind two sales of Post-War & Contemporary Art organized by Christie’s.

Annual Global Art Market Report 2014 by Artprice & Artron will be online March 3, 2014


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