Art Market : Teaser n°1 Annual Global Art Market Report 2014 ARTPRICE & ARTRON

COUVERTURE anglaisThe Fine Art Market in 2014: +26% in turnover This year’s annual report is published jointly by Artprice and AMMA (Art Market Monitor of Artron) whose respective positions as unavoidable institutions in the West and the East underpin their objective to provide top quality information for their readers and art market participants. The collaboration between Artprice and AMMA represents a historical contribution for the art market, which, from an economic, econometric and sociological standpoint, has only existed in its current format for the last thirty years or so. This 13th annual report is published in six languages through more than 7,200 international institutions and media outlets.

wan jie anglaisWan Jie, CEO and founder of Artron Art Group and AMMA (Art Market Monitor of Artron) expressed his commitment to this historical collaboration in the following terms: ‘Compared with the annual report in 2012, this report improved its structure and content to fit the totality of Eastern and Western art market. Firstly, it introduces the characteristics of Eastern and Western art market; secondly, it illustrates the segmentation of the art market by period and by medium; thirdly it focuses on some great art market capitals around the world; fi nally, it analyses some hot topics of global art market in 2014 (such as the establishment of a free trade area and the importance of young artists). This report lays out the full view of global art market in 2014 to readers. AMMA cooperates with Artprice from three angles: statistics, analysis and channels. They make the best use of resources on both sides, analys‑ ing the situation and the trends of the global art market from an international perspective. I hope that AMMA and Artprice, as a powerful combination, will continue to cooperate with each other in the future, so that we can meet the satisfaction of the high speed development of global art market (art fairs, private collector groups and private banking clubs). I truly believe that ‘The Annual Art Market Report’ can become the most authoritative art market report around the world.’

Annual Global Art Market Report 2014 will be online March 3, 2014


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