Art Market : The Week in Numbers (Antoni Tapiès – data Artprice)

the week in numbers

antoni tapies portrait WPDeceased in 2012, the painter Antoni Tapiès has left behind him gloomy artworks that are fiercely chased by top contemporary galleries such as the PACE gallery that currently exhibits in its NY exhibition space (Feb. 12 – 21) a couple of significant pieces by the Spanish Master . Ambassador of Spain at the 1993 Venice Biennial , the artist enjoyed a significant price rise of his artworks in the last years of his life.

Artprice‘s data pick to illustrate his continuing market climb :

Data Artprice


His position in the 2014 ranking of the top 500 artists by auction turnover. With auction sales of m$ 5.5 he ranks 7th Spanish artist just after Picasso, Miro, Gris, Dali, Goya and Sorolla y Bastida !

US$2.4 million

His top auction price obtained with his  « Gran ocra amb incisions » (1961) at Christie’s London last July 1, 2014, that largely beat his previous record price ofm$1.3 set in 2010. 

US$119 000

The average auction price calculated from the 364 artworks auctioned in 2014. 11 of which (all paintings) auctioned over $100,000 .


The number of his paintings auctioned in 2014. Generally sold by European auction houses (9 in France, 7 in the UK, 3 in Spain) the top prices are principally obtained in London sales.

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