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the week in numbers

gauguin photoThe 1st major exhibition of the year is dedicated to a leading 19th-century artist – Paul Gauguin. The artist, born in Paris, France, in 1848, spent the last years of his life in a heavenly location – the Marquesas Islands – that were the inspiration behind some of his most beautiful paintings. His work, both gentle and melancholic, will be available for all to admire from 8 February ro 28 June at the Fondation Beyeler (Basel, Switzerland). It is the occasion for to take a look at the place the French master holds on the art market and how his works perform at auctions.

Data Artprice.

 US$36 million

The best ever auction result for a painting by Paul Gauguin. The record was set on 8 November 2006 when Christie’s New York auctioned off L’homme à la hache.


The post-impressionnist’s master’s ranking by auction turnover in 2014, his turnover, garnered by only8 paintings over the past 12 months (non of which are major pieces), not exceeding US$15 million.


The number of prints by Paul Gauguin auctioned in 2014, 60% of the total lots put up for auction. His unique pieces are few on the market.

US$1.4 million

The average hammer price in 2014 for a painting by the master – the average hammer price for a drawing being US$189,000.

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